learn, excite, apply, discover

learn, excite, apply, discover


Little, yet Pivotal

The little things in life can bring forth great impact. Same goes for the children in our lives. They may be young and sometimes perceived as not able to do much yet, but they can actually create pivotal impact in their own ways. 

Here at Little Pivotal, we see the probable potential of our young ones becoming the next generation of leaders who will lead us into the future.


Incorporating the vision of Pivotal Learning (Learner’s First) and Pivotal Youth (Caring Individual, Nurturing Leader), Little Pivotal aspires to

develop our children to be initiated and mindful young leaders 
creating pivotal impact on themselves and others around them

In the process, we help them to discover more about themselves and find things that excite them to keep learning and growing. This is represented by the north star in our logo. We hope that our children gain insights to why they do what they do and grow to shine in their own ways.

The 'O' in our logo preserves the Engage, Experience and Enquire essence to create a learner-centered learning environment to meet our children's needs.

learn, excite, apply, discover



Elevating our children's awareness gives them insights to new learning about themselves, the people around them and their surroundings. 


A common experience can excite each child in different ways, keeping them eager and enthusiastic to explore more!


Knowledge is of no value unless put into practice. Thus, it is important to help our children transfer their learning and apply them in class and at home.


Through constant and deliberate practice, our children embark on their journey of self-discovery, navigating through more learning, excitement and application!

Our Story

Little Pivotal, was born to specifically better leadership development in our primary school pupils at cohort level as well as for the selected leaders. We also recognise the challenges teachers may face and aim to help support teachers in making easy the imparting of leadership skills to these young leaders.